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    The science behind Skye has been featured in the WSJ, Forbes & Rolling Stone. It has been published in 10 peer-reviewed journals, including the following:

    Naturalistic smartphone keyboard typing reflects processing speed and executive function

    This research supports the feasibility of utilizing typing behaviors to infer aspects of cognition such as attention, processing speed and executive function.

    Typing speed as a digital biomarker for processing speed: replication across studies

    This study reproduces prior work demonstrating that data derived from interactions with a smartphone keyboard can be used as a measure of processing speed. Also consistent with prior research, the keystroke data exhibits a consistent and reproducible diurnal pattern throughout the day.

    Ongoing work at UCSD, funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA)

    Associations between smartphone keystroke dynamics and cognition in MS

    Researchers monitored typing on smartphones of people with MS and healthy individuals for six weeks, finding that faster typing correlated with better cognitive performance and less severe fatigue and anxiety symptoms.