Meet Skye™

Fitness Tracker for the Brain™.

How Skye Works

Step 1

Install Skye and the custom keyboard.

Step 2

Type on your smartphone the same way as before

Step 3

Skye computes your brain health metrics and gives you personalized feedback & actionable insights to help you manage your brain health journey.

Skye Features

Personalized Feedback & Insights

Skye provides you with tailored feedback & insights according to your brain health metrics.

These metrics are based on the science of behavior change and help you improve how you think & feel.

Alerts & Warning Triggers

Skye can help you track how your metrics are progressing, and provide alerts to bring awareness to aspects that need attention.

Skye can help you track your response to treatments and/or medications.

Private Care Circles

Form your own private Care Circle.

Skye notifies you when someone in your circle needs help.

Skye notifies members of your Care Circle when you need help.

Privacy Preservation

Skye only looks how you type: how fast you are typing, how much backspace is used, how often auto-correct is invoked, etc.

Skye never looks at the content that you type.

Rigorous Science

Skye is based on years of NIH-sponsored scientific research.

The science behind Skye has been published in 10 peer-reviewed publications, and featured in the WSJ, Forbes, and Rolling Stone.

Use Cases

For End Users

  • Continuous & objective brain health metrics
  • Actionable insights & feedback
  • Private Care Circles

For Clinicians

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Warning triggers
  • Inform treatment decisions
  • Patient priority triage

For Payors

  • Early interventions
  • Relapse prevention
  • Reduce cost & hospitalizations
  • Improved patient care


  • Digital biomarkers
  • Actionable insights & feedback
  • Chatbot integration
  • Track response to treatment

Digital Fitness & Wellness

  • Metrics for Cognition & Mood
  • Integration with physical biometrics & sensor data
  • Mental + Physical measures of athletic readiness


  • Digital biomarkers
  • Precision clinical trials
  • Objective & quantitative measures of separation from placebo

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