Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see the words I type? What about my self-reflections?
The KeyWise team does not have access to the words your type. Only your typing patterns are collected and used in the algorithms to produce your brain health metrics. The self-reflections are encrypted on your smartphone. You are the only one with access to your self reflection entries.
Will the KeyWise metrics let me know if I have a mental health disorder or am experiencing cognitive decline?
No, KeyWise tracks your mood and cognitive abilities, and Skye alerts you to changes that are detected. These symptom changes are not diagnosing you with a mental health disorder. It is worth reflecting on what has changed in your everyday life that may have resulted in changes in your brain health metrics. If you are working with a mental health care provider, you can share this information with your provider. This information may help guide your treatment planning.
Do your algorithms compare my typing patterns to the typing patterns of others? How do you account for differences in phone types, phone size, and connection speed?
Our machine learning algorithms only compare your typing patterns to yourself. We establish your usual typing patterns, then look at how your patterns vary each day. If we detect deviations from your normal patterns Skye will message you. Sometimes these changes will be better – you may be having a great day! Sometimes these changes will be worse – you may be having a rough day. We never compare your typing patterns to the typing patterns of other people, so differences in phone types, size, and connection speed is not relevant to our technology. If you get a new phone while you are using KeyWise, you will be asked to reinstall the app and your metrics will start calculating from scratch.
Does KeyWise detect if someone is suicidal?
No, KeyWise does not detect suicidal ideation or intent. If you or anyone you know is having thoughts of wanting to harm themselves, please immediately call 9-1-1 or your local suicide crisis hotline.
Who should I contact if I have questions about the KeyWise app?
You can email our team at for additional information about the KeyWise app.

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